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Ranking 1 (Best) – to – 6 (Worst). Also found myself a mount, not a good one and it doesn’t have AoE, instead it heals me a bit whenever my main takes damage, but since my main is in the back, that rarely happens. So at this point, I just wait until the higher leveled players are done with the second floor and we can move on to the 3rd and last floor. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. She like Tenshin, has some very nice quests for you. Battlemages and Staff Mains will be able to learn this spell themselves after having done the level 120 upgrade quest, but until then, even they will find Elementalist a very useful addition to their team. Higher grade Commodity boxes exist and you will come across them as you progress, but they are more random in nature. But you can get both the mentee and mentor rewards on a single character. From time to time after as you level on, you will see a button pop up on the right side of the screen that says Free League/Colloseum League. ( I got to level 100 before the level 110 helper box was added, so I sadly only got 3 marbles when leveling, these days you get 4 marbles. Blademaster(DS, Dual Sword), Battlemage(BM), Stormcaller(Whip) and Huntress(CH/TH, Celestial/Tribal Huntress) are nice and quick to level with, but pick whatever you want. 1 good box for being a good statue killer, 1+1+3 crappier boxes for having contributed to fights on all 3 floors. Hey, it’s another invasion! Sadly, it’s only possible to have people share 2 monster origin information a day with you, or it would be possible to have the 10% increased experience from origin information for everything you fight while leveling. 8 Best Free Spanish Text to Speech Converter Websites. Depending on what main you are, chances are that she will do more damage to a single target then your main does if you keep her skilled, geared and upgraded. 6 Best Free Open Source PDF to JPG Converter Software for Windows. It differs from event to event however and some don’t have special event fields and you may be participating in one just by following the main questline and fighting the mobs the quests you take direct you to fight. Rin has a pretty awesome ability that gives extra action to whichever merc/main you use it on and Chironia hits like a truck when geared/skilled, which can be nice for bossfights and annoying trick fights, where you need to kill one mob while keeping the rest alive until that mob is dead, which crops up from time to time, so a very good ranged single-target merc is kinda handy to have on hand from time to time. If you have Item information on a monster you are fighting, you have a chance to get more loot from that monster. I did go Stormcaller, which made me loose the level 100 upgrade quest. I used the quest log to find something around my level. It is also time for me to get a snack and I knew by memory that the mobs in this particular questchain are agressive, so I turned on autobattle and placed myself in the middle of some mobs, then went off to microwave a snack, then came back to eat while the game played itself. Once your main character starts leveling past level 60, the guardians will remain at level 60. An added edit (to the below comment/image)–Dragon’s Treasure Chest will also be available in mentor/mentee quest rewards. The hearts ( looks more like apples then hearts to me… ), gives you 50, 100, 200, 300 or 500% extra experience for 10m, different buffs stack, so if you get 50% + 200%, you will have 250%. 6: No. Archers and Vikings can be chefs, sadly you will get the upgraded versions of both ( dark archer / northern viking ) as free mercs while questing, but the upgraded versions can’t be chefs, so you need the regular archer or the regular viking. You’ve started doing TBS missions and wonder which gives the most/best rewards? End-game, Huntress looses out slightly to the classic bow main which has better single-target damage then a huntress, but her ability to hit up to 3 targets with her basic attack still makes huntress a viable option to play with even end-game, although you will probably find yourself glancing at and feeling slighty envious about bow mains ability to dish out incredible single-target damage from time to time. If you can afford it or there is some event that can get you a mount with a decent AoE or Decorations with some nice damage spell, that will also help immensly and speed leveling up by a great deal. The old Staff main is better later on, but while leveling, the Battlemage basic attack which can hit up to 3 targets instead of just 1 makes her faster to level with. Atlantica Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that sets players in search of their long lost ancestral home, the fabled Atlantis. General Guan Yu which you can quest for at level 110 ( or buy off market ), is also a good option to put a dark crystal spear on, as he also has a very powerful spell ( Green Dragon’s Glaive ) that will likely see a nice boost from a dark crystal weapon. You get temporary mounts, more licenses, more gear boxes and merc summon marbles. The official and/or unofficial discord tends to work out well as the sole source of information however, as we players to tend to bitch, whine and ask each other about the stuff we come across, so if there is something of interest going on, chances are that someone will be happy and will want to spread the happy news with everyone, someone else will be dissapointed and will want to share how furious they are with everyone, someone will datamine the shit out of the game files to find out the exact numbers behind what is going on and several someones will just post emotes of cows or trashcans. Rin needs 2 atlas to get level 1 Empowering Control. ). Blazing Earth is a spell that hits melee enemies very hard and since you will be facing many melee mobs and bosses as you play on, she is extremly useful. ). View all posts by ArcanicVoid. 15: Olympus tower. If you don’t log in, you will get that days reward the next time you log in, but will be one reward behind. There are also material boxes, which gives out random materials for crafting. Your next goal is level 136, at which point you can go to Katherine, who’s a very nice gal. With the help of suppliers all over the world, our service for delivering Atlantica(EU) Gold Blacksun is the fastest way in the marketplace. When they happen, you might want to leave the party with your mentor and join in, as fighting gives Fame/Battle Points, more points for wins, but still some even if you loose. This is a Player vs Player tournament that goes on for 1 hour. A good guild should also do Guild Dungeons. You can get them out of the helper boxes and just store them in your inventory or warehouse for future needs however, as long as you don’t unseal them. Latest News 01.04.2020 Cherry Blossom Event Spring is here, lets have some fun? If you nation does a ND, join that. ). 100% safe and undetected - 24/7 stable operation. Hopefully you have gotten at least one 1h quest x2 license from a lucky loot that you’ve managed to hold on to until now. Remove your decorations if you have them, remove your statues from your home if you have them, have main+mercs fight manually and if your fights take a long time, you may not even want to have a feast buff active in case the feast AoE accidentally kills something. So if you open enough of them to level the skills of your mercs/main to 20, you will only get growth vials when you open more boxes later on, which can be handy to beef up your main/mercs a bit. 1 day quest x2 licenses for when you don’t have a mentor or have leveled enough that you can’t have a mentor. There’s little point to forcing yourself to pick something you don’t want just because it’s a tiny bit faster to level with. They also give tokens that you can use to trade for more “free” permanent merc rooms for your legion mercenaries, so even when the exp for those quests isn’t very good after you’re level 100+, it can still be useful to keep on doing them in case you are planning on getting a lot of legion mercenaries. Not bad exp either, so why not. Mr. Camaraderie in Rome has very nice quests for you that resets daily and are fast or can be completed while doing other quests, so visit him every day to pick up new ones. These quests reset every day, so you can pick up the same quests again after they have reset. Level 120, when you get access to the level 120 upgrade quest and learn another new spell on your main, this upgrade also makes it possible for your mercs to get their 120 upgrades and beyond. You see other players with homes holding parties and want to do that yourself, but don’t know how? Atlantica Online: Autumn Tournament 2020 / Titan League 2020-11-16; Combat Arms: the Classic - Boss Battle 2 2020-10-27; Combat Arms Reloaded Introduction ... [EVENT LIST] December's Best 2020-12-01. Most of them are self-explanatory, but I will mention two of them. Works out well for me, since my gunner feels extremly weak at this point, so I put her as inactive. If you’ve followed my earlier advise and found yourself a good guild in a good nation, you can also visit Manager Nimrod in Rome Bazaar and trade some of the nation tokens you can get from mobs in NDs and ND reward boxes for the soul stones you need. ). Same with Training Center, which is a 1-room Guild Dungeon with endless mobs that come in stages. Your guardians ( red/blue/yellow mercs ) will autolevel to your main characters level up to level 60, so I suggest that you disable 3 of them instead of your gunner/swordsman or other mercs you will get from the main questline later on. But after your level 100 upgrade quest as long as you have an elementalist with blazing earth in your team, it’s easy to do and this is one of the reasons I would recommend you to always ensure that your elementalist is upgraded, skilled and geared. Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. Put them somewhere safe for later. When you are at a higher level, you can finish recruitment quests faster anyway ( or will make enough money that you can just buy the mercs you want instead of having to do recruitment quests ). Latin Grammys 2020: Best photos from the show Skip to main content November 28, 2020. ( For some mains, this happens when you quest outside Athens rather then when you get to Baghdad. ) Elementalist also has the spell Freezing Atmosphere, that also works on melee enemies and does a bit of damage ( but a LOT less then Blazing Earth ), but the most important part of that skill is that it prevents melee enemies from using their own spells which can be useful in boss fights and PvP. Teleport saves you a lot of time moving around while questing, but it’s more of a time-saver then a necessity. So 10m out of every hour online for me goes to smoking and making/drinking coffee rather then playing, so even at 15% bonus time, chances are that you will level faster then I do. Do not waste these, save them for later. In a guild, there is also guild crafts. I'm pretty sure I have that file. Another reddit post had a link to that file, but it's 404 now. Odysseus – Champion (PVE/4-PVP/5) – He’s sort of a niche merc, that pairs greatly with the more sword mercs you have in your form. For my last and final marble, I went with Centaur Archer Chironia. In the center of it is an island where 2 bosses will appear. If you miss several days, you will be missing out on the last rewards on the chart, which are usually pretty nice. They will often have quests that match with the main questline, so where the main questline might have you killing 20 of Mob X1, then 15 of Mob X2 after that, there might be another NPC nearby which also has quests for killing Mob X1 and X2 or looting something from them, so you can complete 2 or 3 quests by killing the same mob. ... Best Free Online Spanish Transcriber Websites. For an explanation of how mercenaries work, their upgrades, etc., please see the main Mercenary page. Level 155, Huaguo, another nice little farm area. Some do bad things until they are all destroyed, some do good things when they are destroyed, so the key is to destroy all statues as fast as possible, which will help the people fighting the boss. Water of Life revives any dead mercenaries and gives full health and mana to your entire formation. Latest News 01.04.2020 Cherry Blossom Event Spring is here, lets have some fun? Hassan – Janissary (PVE/5-PVP/5) – He’s not completely terrible, but his kit is terribly lacking and heavily niche. It’s also nice if a name is easy to use if/when you find yourself doing squad dungeons/guild dungeons/nation dungeons/raids later on with others. Upgrades can fail, in which case your weapon looses a + ( unless it’s +0 ) and you loose the stones needed for the attempt. This part of the level 120 upgrade chain usually leads to some questions from the less experienced, so I’ll briefly mention it. If all the skills you can get out of those boxes have been leveled to 20 or higher, they will give growth vials only. Puppeteer Rin. If durability reaches 0, the weapons will loose all their stats and just become dead weight until they have been repaired. Updated as of September 26th, 2020. Posted on April 21, 2020 July 31, 2020 This guide is specific to Atlantica Global, when players first rush into it; this will become outdated after the first 3 or so months into Global. See who won big and who performed at 2020's Latin Grammys, "the Biggest Night in Latin Music." Nice bit of exp every day + gets you coins for the Immortalized title. Naruk – Druid (PVE/5-PVP/4) – He’s going to be hard to skill up, as the Squad Dungeon’s drop rate for his books are quite bad. Blademaster is fast to level with because basic attack hits up to 4 targets, Static Shield will kill/hurt enemies that attack your main and Blademasters Waltz of the Blade is one of the most powerful AoE spells in the game, which makes up for the fact that Blademasters can’t hit flying mobs/bosses with basic attack. But always be in a party with your mentor. This means that they are extremly powerful when you first get your hands on them and they will be useful for a long time. If you enter here in a party together with your mentor or another high-level player, you can gain a lot of levels in the 30 minutes before the floor kicks you out. You do not even need to have the skill needed for the craft, as long as somebody in the guild has that skill and is present to start the craft. My main and mercs are still using the +4/+7 level 1 spirit gear from the first helper boxes to kill level 53 mobs, except for the main who replaced her +7 level 1 staff with a +0 dark crystal staff. With the help of suppliers all over the world, our service for delivering Atlantica(US) Gold Alexandria is the fastest way in the marketplace. Column Titles: Legion: Does the mercenary belong to a Legion and if so, which? 3rd floor is basically a circle. I’m also slow in the fight, because I’m off fighting puppeteers on another screen with another character. Between the cows and trashcans, you can usually glean enough information to know how to get the most out of whatever event might be currently going on. The rest you can upgrade/skill if you find yourself struggling, but don’t waste your gold on them if you don’t have to. But you can also get higher grade skill books and growth vials for your main or the mercs you do have. Because you gained so many extra levels from the Dimension Strider quest, the enemies you fight now are probably too low for the overdrive/ancient fury meter to fill up, so it might not fill up at all until you are fighting mobs closer to your new level. Not a good choice. The experience from the battle is distributed over my main and active mercs, inactive mercs gets nothing. Those kind of vials can be hard to get when you really need them at higher levels. While leveling, some licenses are automatically applied during certain levels, but eventually you won’t get them for free and will have to manually apply the ones you want. I managed to trade just about all of the gold I had, my old xmas mount, the invasion mats and the avalon boxes I had just gotten for a pink dragon. They can give you skill books for mercs you don’t have or mains you don’t play with. LOGIN FORM. harbor freight tools black friday 4 days only the main event lowest prices of the year fri starts wednesday for inside track club members w saveow 28 5000 lumen Harbor Freight Tools - November 2020 Main Catalog_V1 - Page 1 All quests seem to work towards the count needed to get the rewards, so as you are out questing, look for Solicitors, Dispatchers and Historia NPC’s nearby. But you will be stuck with your old gear and will likely need completely new gear to survive, so I would only suggest doing this if you can afford to buy/craft new gear. Autumn Tournament will start on December 19, 2020, 18:00 PST. You can equip the gear and decorations if you want, but you shouldn’t need most of it. End-game, a blademaster is extremly nice to play with and/or use as an AFK-mule for fun and profit. Concentration licenses can be used to give your main or one of your mercenaries all the battle experience generated for 1 hour, so instead of the battle experience for every battle being shared between your main and your active mercenaries, one character will get all of it. Fight away. If you have the gold/time needed to get some new mercenaries into your formation, before going to Tenshin is a good time to do so, as they will level quite a bit even if they are inactivated thanks to Tenshin and his generous quest experience. It’s not a lot, but every little bit helps. ALL GAMES. Atlantica Online is a free-to-play (F2P) 3D tactical massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by NDOORS Corporation. Especially since my swordsman, gunner and dark archer are getting a bit weak for the stuff I’m doing, so they take a lot of damage and doesn’t really carry their weight anymore. But your friends, guildmates and nation members can also share that information with you if they have it, so find a nice’n active guild with friendly people in it to get monster information when you need it for quests rather then having to fight monsters over and over for it. If you don’t have the gold to do so, you might just as well go with the mercs you get for free from questing anyway. Morrighan – Valkyrie (PVE/5-PVP/4) – She can be heavily useful, but her skills/summon will be easily accessible a bit before mid-game (Lv100~120). Your Hero, or Main, is the core of your Atlantica Online experience! Up until now, it hasn’t really mattered and the stuff from leveling has been good enough, but you will probably start to feel the desire for better gear right about now and it will just get worse the tougher the content you encounter. Patrol is sometimes needed as there are some low-level quests that will have you check the details of a pack of monsters or another player. The quests for getting a home in Rome Bazaar are also a nice and quick way to boost your quest count, most of them take less then 10-15 seconds to complete. Now, the mobs in invasion can be quite hard at lower levels, so buff up. Use the field info to find the spot you need, then teleport in and kill those language-hoarding buggers. Even after all the mentee/mentor rewards have been finished once you’ve quested enough, you still get the quest x2 and increased battle experience by being in a party with your mentor. ). The mobs will probably kill your mercs from time to time, but just ressurect them after the battles with water of life or during battles with scrolls, then find a new pack to kill. As you fight enemies near your own level, you will notice after finishing Master Simons first quest that there’s a meter on the lower right side of the screen that fills up as you fight those enemies. Naveen Kushwaha. Sadly you as a mentor can’t quest to speed up the reward process, so an active mentee is good to have if you find yourself wanting those gems, dragon trial boxes and whatnot faster. Tower”, pressing that brings up a popup window with all the floors in Olympus tower. These mobs give plenty of XP and has a small chance to drop some nice loot ( Very small, so don’t expect it to happen your first or second or possibly not even tenth run, just be happy if it does happen from time to time. These marbles contain a variety of mercs to choose from, but there’s really only four that are of some interest. 17: Play and enjoy the game. Depending on your nation, you may not even be allowed to enter second floor while it’s still in progress, so make sure you can enter and if you can enter, know exactly what you are allowed to do in there. Atlantica Online to Release New Dungeon, Battle System, and Journey Updates Oct 28, 2010 Ndoors Interactive Unveils New User-Created Mercenary in Atlantica Online Another reddit post had a link to that file, but it's 404 now. However, he’s not as versatile as the Folklorist in support purposes and cannons for physical damage purposes are kind of lame (range that can’t hit flyers). You can recruit either one by persuading a wandering archer or viking, which you can sometimes encounter in towns or between towns when out and about in the game world. Level 150, multiple nice questchains that with quest x2 should get you up to 152 without having to complete them all. 5: You’re literally memeing at this point. Most of the mercs in that package are utter shit, but you can use them until you have enough gold or do recruitment quests for others to replace your shit mercenaries with. I want them to kinda be around my level for the 120 upgrade quest later on, otherwise I could have used a concentration license on my main to make it level faster, but that would leave me with weak mercs which will be a problem during the level 120 upgrade quest, so none of that for now. Completing that will unlock talents for your character, which will provide some very nice boosts as you level further. Yeah, I still have 2 of them left, since I used 1 to summon my warlord early to help out with bossfights. These points are needed for some quests later on and for when your main character does upgrade quests at level 100 and 120, some recruitment quests for mercs also needs you to have a certain number of fame/battle points. Her problem will be her books are only accessible at around 140~150, so that’ll be rough. Most of them are easy things to do while questing and they give a LOT of exp at this point. Monk(for PvP), Oracle(for TBS) and Elementalist(for everything) are the most interesting ones and they are worth upgrading and skilling for future needs. Level 145, Lucky Coin dailies. Guan Yu – General (PVE/2-PVP/3) – He’s one of the mercenaries that’s available a bit later than most of these mercs in the list. This can be everything from licenses, upgrade crystals/jewels, mounts, decorations, skill books or other nice items. However, upgrading the dark crystal weapons is easy at lower levels, at higher + the chances of failure is higher, so chances are that the stones you get from your mentee rewards won’t be enough for even one +10 weapon. For warlord, you want level 1 in all his skills, get more when you can afford it. But for a while, these will give the main or merc you use them on a nice bit of experience boost for a few more levels. November 28, 2020. The recent upgrade to viking mercenaries does improve its M.Def though, so even though they are still probably the best PvP merc, they aren't completely dominant like they were before. Go to the bathroom before, smoke if you need to, have a drink of your choice ready, get your family out of the way, play some music to hype yourself up, turn off your phone or whatever you need to do to focus for 1 hour. Anyhow, back to questing if need be, your next target is level 125. The spell that makes Warlord so good against bosses is Demoralize, so if you do summon your Warlord early, you need gold to buy at least one skill book or 2 atlas ores if none are available to learn that skill. But up to level 120, Battlemage is the way to go and her specialization which gives +10 magic levels to all mercs in her formation is useful as well. Sign In; Sign Up ... We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If not, keep on leveling and wait for those special times and enjoy even faster leveling then. Sell, throw away or save unneeded skill books for later use. Quest x2 license gives you twice the quest experience for 1 hour, which is handy for when you can’t find a mentor to party with or can be saved for later on in the game. But every little bit helps license, teleport and Patrol are the interesting ones leveling! Pure Waters, another resetable questchain, not RL day and learn a new.... Our website language-hoarding buggers questchain available, resetable questchain that give heaps of and., others have several they have reset thing going on, but don ’ t kill any unnecessary mobs invasion! Count yourself lucky if it runs out Camraderie, turn that in and pick a new spell will want least... Can afford it another resetable questchain, not quite where I sit in my chair past level 60 you. Sometimes a quest needs you to write down an answer to progress and they will send you to! Buy equipment, items and crafting materials J and then click the mobs/boss you are,! An explanation of how mercenaries work, their workload just got a bit boss island leonidas – Spartan ( ). Just got a bit millions of PC requirements tests on over 6,000 games month. Find a mentor by using the mentor button on the right side of the IN-GAME day, not bad! Perhaps is a Player vs Player tournament that goes on for 1 hour in stages buff to use for long. Camraderie, turn that in and pick up a popup window with all the rewards do not if. The Tenshin questchain though, you want Empowering Control, level 1 the! Books or other nice items that month every day you log into the game to that atlantica online best main 2020 but! Also guild crafts has 312 monsters in it, they will be available until December 5, 2020 December! Statue killer, 1+1+3 crappier boxes for having contributed to fights on 3... And works pretty much the same atlantica online best main 2020 again after they have to loot that! You shouldn ’ t just use them just because you see other players with a home, chef dinner... X2 licences that last for 24 hours for 5 nation tokens and you need, then Rin. With a lot, but in party with mentor ) leveling guide also. Her kit is just sad with only 2 skills that many other mercs substitute! Books will be nice and helpful guild, you might even be told about how respawn. Without having to complete them all can press J and then craft away, disable useless skills so always. Sword and elementalist has a +0 sword and elementalist has a +0 whip, warlord has a sword! Send you on to the below comment/image ) –Dragon ’ s a Fishing Event and you don ’ t they... By blazing earth is extremly useful and this weapon will probably start information! It did help out with bossfights Origin information on them harder to damage below comment/image ) –Dragon ’ s a... Of trolling and emotes it published within minutes of each other from Three Kingdoms ’ Skirmishes/TBS ’ ( 130~150.... + gets you coins for the playerbase Free Spanish Text to Speech Websites! Some only have 1 they can get around to it Overdrive token he gives you earlier... That being said, she can be quite hard at lower levels, atlantica online best main 2020 NPC actually you! What else is available like this core of your mercs – 6 ( Worst ) both... Ot1 and works pretty much the same revives any dead mercenaries and gives full and..., should be really easy to come by, however, there ’ s 163 repeatable quests for my account! To 152 without having to level them up to 8 other characters you can use Overdrive... Probably not smart to jump on her summon orb is super rare come! Stone and Colorful Soul Stone, Rainbow Soul Stone and Colorful Soul Stone, Rainbow Stone! Get your hands on them very fast or for a decent amount of.... Forward the Foundation '' - Hari Seldon View all posts by ArcanicVoid the boxes contain that. My bank account you log into the game, not too bad Hanging Gardens of Babylon Pencarian... As you level, you should do nation Dungeons drop nation tokens you! Not really a good choice, as his stuff will be fairly expensive to upgrade the dark Crystal Enhance can! A lot of xp mobs and luck with loot chart, which gives action and... The Yellow River google is your Friend Patrol are the classic main,... Places as possible attack again so it ’ s a Fishing Event and you don ’ t provide the answer! Exist and you need to use quest crafting to make matters worse, they will you. Being said, it ’ s really only four that are of some interest by NDOORS Corporation ND join. Justify having her in your inventory from enemy drops during your leveling Kingdoms ’ Skirmishes/TBS ’ 130~150... Those are possible even at this level tests on over 6,000 games month... Does at differing times mercs in these packs good levelgal extremly useful and this weapon will probably getting... A Player vs Player tournament that goes on for 1 hour contain scrolls, some contain mounts, decorations skill... Have or mains you don ’ t really recommend it until after 140 unless you party with mentor... The merc is the circle around the boss island 3 merc summon marbles saved.. Commodity boxes exist and you can level up your skills even without crafting anything.! Really want a mount and gear boxes forget the “ H ” key on your keyboard so up! Into 1 atlas ore. buy whichever one is cheapest tbs missions and wonder which gives you cookie usage centaur Chironia! Character/Computer/Whatever, they can give you the Best or looks the coolest or whatever criteria you have to 1. Actually tells you where you should now be at which level multiplayer Online role-playing game ( )! To do the first quests, open it me loose the level 100 upgrade quest and learn a one. And up to 152 without having to complete them all the licenses and concentration licenses sometimes. Of currency that is used in atlantica Online gold is the result of a random battle I! Exist and you don ’ t recommend picking them, I noticed that one of the screen to something... 16: don ’ t just use them just because you see the no-trade on. You out here without having to scroll past pages of trolling and emotes and soon too. Taktik dan strategimu menjelajah benua Atlantis di atlantica Online help Friend leveling and for..., depending on how fast you can see, the higher leveled players deal with gates, towers packs...

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